Oct 5, 2014

Bridal Fun & Sharp Edgy Makeup

My favorite  holiday is finally here! The time where i get to play with my makeup in ways I wouldn't normally. I get to beat peoples faces bloody without hurting harming anyone, create characters that only exist in my mind while imagining a world scary or fanciful world with the rhythms of alternative rock and metal. So far I have done a few new things I would love to share with everyone...

 This is my Beautiful Aunt Wendy who let me do her Makeup Bridal Style. Within the past year I have done a few weddings but never received the professional pictures from. She was nice enough to let me play up her features in more than just a natural look but none the less Beautiful enhancing features kind of way.

Before & After


What i wanted to show in the picture above was technique. I believe technique is very important to have as a makeup artists, Lately Ive decided to have a few staple makeup looks in my brain to wip  out on anyone that will be beautiful no matter what. Its a way for me to relieve some of the pressures of an intense gig or to give the client an everyday look that will always work. Here is an edgy fun crispy pretty look that enhances all of my features!