Sep 30, 2012

Makeover's and Facials

I absolutely love pampering people. thats why i decided to make a living doing it. Treating someones skin is a pleasure for me because i know the result will be rewarding. Someone will have a chance to feel better about the way they look and in turn feel better about themselves.

One of my most frequent clients!

Its also very important to pamper the male customers. You will be quite surprised about how many men would like to look and feel a difference in their skin but don't know where to begin. A simple facial scrub before their shave and moisturizing cream or gel after can make all the difference!

Autumn Muse

I love to use my friends for test shoots. They usually lt me get away with whatever i want. Maybe because i always provide wine. But my friends trust me. They believe in my work and love to play with makeup almost just as much as me.