Nov 7, 2010


For the past 3 years I've been working in the biggest Halloween store in New York Selling Makeup all year round. Every October the store is packed. This time i worked hard at the Costume store and freelanced my butt off!
The people i met everyday were awesome and very happy with their results. Since i have the chance to share with you guys, Here is my 2010 October story.

The Bride of Frankenstein

I was honored to have my hair done by road kill (My beautiful friend/Makeup artist Susie Prisk!)
This group of people were my makeup crew at my store and this is the day of Halloween! Crazy times!!

Na'vi Hair (Hair only)

Very early Sunday morning before work I applied black long "Lacy Wigs" to these two Na'vi Characters while my friend/Makeup Artist Chrx Leon Applied the makeup.
Its not very often i do hair (or hair and no makeup). Honestly it was kind of relaxing. I had no real mess to clean up after. But then again i live for that makeup mess and craze.

Eye Brows and hairAnimal!!!


#3 Halloween Day
My version of Kids Zombie makeup


My Scales! My babies xo <3

These were made for Natalia> beautiful woman I met during Halloween that needed Scales for her Dragon costume.

Makeup and prosthetic Scales applied by Friend/Makeup Artist Susie Prisk! Its obviously perfect! Natalia was going to be on a float riding through Manhattans 2010 Halloween Parade and wanted to look perfect so i thought Susie would be the one for Applying my scales. It was magic! thanks Su!

These are other scales i made for another Client. She wanted them for her fish costume!

Joker Prosthic! Just for fun!



This guy was my Inspiration for the next two looks

Not alot of people got this one but what i was going for was Skull/face
My home girl Pinky!


Masquerade mask

Rag Doll with a blue heart!

Every weekend in October we come up with a theme. Above were my version of each theme. I love it! its a time to be really creative!

After Halloween was over its like the craziness stopped. One thing i will say was i enjoyed every minute of it having fun meeting the awesome people that came into my life for this short period of time. Thanks for all the Memories<3>