Jul 5, 2010

Experimenting krylon. New Makeup!!!!!!

Here i did a look showing you what these colors got to give. I'm so impressed with the quality of these paints. The control you have is unbelievable. The color variety I have now gives me freedom to make my own shades of colors for lips and eyes. AND SIMPLY GO CRAZY WITH MY MAKEUP... Skies the limit!

I just got these Krylon Aquacolor Pallets! I was handed down these never been used testers from my job and I'm super happy that i got them for free!

The entire look's design and creation was all me. I don't normally do hair on other people but i always do my own. Today i got inspired by the colors of my pallets and the ideas that were racing through my head. Those times i have nothing else i could concentrate on.
For the first time i really needed to apply an "impressive lip" to go with the flashy big eyes, so, i got the idea to use multiple colors. With the view point from my vision of it earlier today.
now enjoy the music...