Apr 13, 2010

Exciting Music Productions

Donnis "Gone" music video...

Head Makeup artist doing my thing. I got a chance to work on Donnis first video. It was exciting for me cause i got a chance to work on some pretty ladies, meet some cool people and showed my skills to the world. Just a taste of course. take that, take that ..haha!

Nichelle and Tanaya. What a pleasure to work on such pretty Canvases

Down time

Makeup on DJ A trak. Very sweet down to earth guy.

Scene break...and me in action!
Making up her whole body of small imperfections.
I used a highlighter to make her skin glow.

Thank you Donnis! Enjoy! Oh yeah and I'm in the video ... weird lol

Ludacris 2010 album

Makeup Props! Enjoy my kit!
Photographer : Chad Griffith

Awesome Studio in fashion avenue.

It was a very relaxing work night in manhattan. Took a few flicks from the window. Tanaya and i getting in some chill time on the balcony.