Oct 30, 2013

Natural Shaving Doesnt Have to Hurt


 Shaving can be such a problem in a persons everyday life if not done properly. Considering that hair can be all lengths and textures, It's not the hair that we need to treat or prep prior to shaving, it's the skin. No matter what skin condition or type you have, you must treat your skin as if it were sensitive and with extreme caution. Skipping this step can lead to horrible results like scarring, ruff skin, dark spots and even sensitivity (long-term effects).

Step 1:
Splash your face with cool water and remove all makeup, dirt and oil with a daily facial wash.

Step 2:
Very Gently, exfoliate the dead skin that builds up on the surface of your face & neck. This is an important step because your circulating blood flow, removing trapped dirt and evening out your skin tone and texture. Rinse well with warm water and leave the skin damp.

Step 3:
Steam your face to soften your skin and open the pores.
Here are two examples:

1. Boil a pot of water (Adding fresh Herbs or essential oils to the water can strengthen, treat and even heal your skin depending on what kind of Herb). Sit the pot down in front of you, hovering your face over the pot and placing a towel big enough to cover your whole head, trapping the steam inside. Doing this will allow the steam to open your pores and soften your skin that surrounds the hair. *Sweating is especially great for releasing toxins in the body. Open your mouth wide and breathe deep.

2. Carefully Soak a folded clean towel in hot water and apply it to your face and neck. Make the towel as hot as you can stand.

Step 4:
Apply your favorite shaving cream or gel to your face. I highly recommend  Kiss My Face Shaving Cream to be the best!Let it sit on your face for a minute before shaving allowing the product to sink in. If you have long hair, trim it down before starting step one.

Step 5:
Use a very sharp blade to shave your face. Make sure it's not rusty or dull because that will cause major irritation and transfer bacteria to your skin. You want to shave downwards or in the direction that the hair grows first. Then by adding more shaving solution, begin to shave against the hair, not pressing too hard onto the skin. As you're doing this step, use your free hand to feel over the hairs to make sure all hair is evenly cut.

Step 6:
Rinse all product off your face and neck with cold water. Do not WIPE the face with the towel. Gently pat your face 90% dry. By pulling your skin, you can cause slacking over a period of time. Follow up with Tea Trea oil disinfect the skin and reduce redness.

Step 7:
Treat & moisturizer. Shaving strip a layer of skin off (dead skin & natural oils that are produced by your glands). It's very important to put something soothing on first like coconut oil that for deep treatment purposes, Jojoba or Extra Virgin Olive Oil for combination/oily skin and Grape seed or Avocado oil for dry skin. After allowing your skin to absorb the oil, follow-up with your favorite all natural Shea Butter or Beeswax based) creamy moisturizer. Oily types might find wax or butter based moisturizer to be to heavy for their skin, so I would suggest only using Olive oil or a light facial Lotion from your Natural food or drug store.

Most people don't realize the products that they use over the course of years can have serious effects to the body and even the environment. Patience and understanding should be had when purchasing products. Like, where to find products that are safe, natural and good for your skin. I know not everyone can be a product geek, so let me help you avoid some harmful ingredients. Ingredients like Sulfates which are used to strip all moisture, oil and dirt (yes its in your Clothing detergent to strip dirt from the fabrics), So you can imagine just how your skin might feel after using it for years on your face. VERY BAD! Parabens are an inexpensive way for company to preserve their products from going bad for a long period of time. Their have been studies that show this may cause cancer and some people are even allergic to them. There are products that use natural preservatives that will only add more benefits to your skin. Most labels will state "Paraben free" right on the front to make it easy for their consumers.