May 30, 2011

Another day in my life...

Elite Model Shelbie Kramer!

I would like to stress how relaxing it is to do a test shoot on a weekend (especially when its raining). Wake up really early, get comfortable for the long day of creating with other very talented people who are just as passionate about the experience as you are.
7:30am charp, west midtown Manhattan. My kit is super ready to go with a checklist on top (so that i wont forget anything like my entire makeup kit! yeah, iv done that before lol). Had a fabulous time with my buddy Joseph who introduced me to these two lovely ladies!
I was really eager to meet Svetlana because she was my first female photographer! I was very pleased to meet such a doll!
Working on Shelbie was like working on an unprimed canvas. She was so tall and beautiful! had to be like 4 feet taller than me. Ok, maybe I'm over doing it but she had a wonderful soft presence. Working with a team like this is my ideal everyday life. Fun times <3 Lets do it again and again...

I am such a big fan of Joseph's hair skills

Svetlana LK.

Elite Model:
Shelbie Kramer.

Hair Stylist:
Joseph DiMaggio


Meet Rhaiza Elisa Padilla A.K.A. Pinky...

Pinky and I make a great team. You will be seeing her face around here quite often due to the fact that i am her personal Makeup Artist. She's unbelievable and I think you can see just why. <3 I Had the pleasure of working with Photographer Paul Sabatino, which made an amazing experience on a hot Saturday morning at his studio in Queens, NY.
This is the first time I met Paul and we pretty much hit it off quickly prier to meeting (Facebook & Txting). One of the most awesome things about Paul besides his work would be his hamburger making skills. I was special enough to experience one while working on Pinky :)
Good times!

May 23, 2011

GoHard X NinaCrys X Pinky

This painting was done by Danny GoHard. It is a portrait of me done in 2010. I was always inspired by the makeup he chose use on me. I love his work so much that we decided to use pinky as a way to translate it to real life.