Feb 13, 2010

The Freshest Regimen

How exciting...

I really pay attention to the products i use on myself.
I take this very seriously so...

Let me school you real quick...

Dr. Bronner's Pure Castile Soap is Magic!

You won't ever get a better clean than this. The mixture of oils and vitamin E gives you the best experience in the shower or bath (as i do it) possible!
I personally like the Peppermint for the summer and Almond oil for the winter because the peppermint is so strong when you step foot out the shower you will freeze! which is very refreshing for the hot summer. The Almond in the winter is awesome because of the moisture. Almond will keep you good for that cracking dried out winter feeling. You could use it for just about anything like Washing your clothes, hair, mouth, skin, house etc.

I like to switch it up too...
Nubian Heritage is an awesome brand! With it's gorgeous smell and creamy lather, this soap won my heart over a while ago.

100% Pure African Shea butter! Its everything you need.


*** Hint Hint: if your worried about the Shea butter not completely comming off don't worry! the Dr. Bronners soap will take care of that.

In the summer i like to use oils for a lighter feeling.

Curly Hair!
Basically i don't do much with my hair. I Believe besides washing our hair the natural oils from your scalp will take care of it.

  • Wash every 3 days (dime size amount) w/ Deva Curl low poo

  • Brush, flip, then comb.

  • Emulsify an extremely small amount of Indian hemp in hands then crunch into wet hair turned upside down.

  • *Night before washing my hair: Rosemary oil on fingertips rubbed into the scalp helps stimulate & grow healthy hair!

I live a natural calm positive lifestyle with lots of love and the best Products to make me happy!

Where can i find this stuff?
or almost every stand on 125Th area in Manhattan.

Shea butter & Nubian Heritage:
5 East 125Th street
New York, NY 100035
(Btwn 5Th & Madison)

Weleda & Dr. Bronner's: Whole foods or http://www.rickys-nyc.com/

Hemp: Duane Reade

Brush: http://www.aveda.com/