Apr 27, 2010

True Beast


Around 2006 a photographer Yoni Golberg answered my craigslist add
We banged out some serious work but nothing can top this years later...
I call this "True Beast" for two reasons.
1. Hair (Joseph DiMaggio) And Stylist (John Wellington-Simon) kept calling me a BEAST!
2. I think the pictures represent a dark beauty which reminds me of my favorite song by All Shall Perish.

Model: Alecta Hill


David Bowie inspired

I had such a fantastic time with everyone. In a big room with everything you need to create beauty on a rainy sunday.

Beautiful Midtown Studio

Apr 23, 2010

Short Film

Its nice to know that I have all the resorces i need to be a successfull makeup artist right here in New York City. Its also a perk that i work in a place that allows me to talk to people from all over the world that i can network with such as actors, models, directors, photographers, makeup artist of all styles etc. etc. I consider myself lucky!

I have to say, being on set with kind people made my life a whole lot easier. Films of all kinds can be hard. Working 12-16 hour days at times and being around positive energy makes the experience a great one.

Special Effects Bruces

Apr 19, 2010

Neon Trees "Animal" music Video!


The day i was called in to do "Animal", it snowed like crazy! Through the trains from the Bronx Through Manhattan to Bedford Brooklyn. I didnt know where the hell i was going cause all the street signs were covered in snow. Luckily i made it. Was a great work day! Got a chance to work with BBGun and Say Uncle films again.

I can only take credit for Extras. (Makeup on the band was not done by me) ...but everyone else was!

Oh yeah and the band was awesome!

Apr 13, 2010

Exciting Music Productions

Donnis "Gone" music video...

Head Makeup artist doing my thing. I got a chance to work on Donnis first video. It was exciting for me cause i got a chance to work on some pretty ladies, meet some cool people and showed my skills to the world. Just a taste of course. take that, take that ..haha!

Nichelle and Tanaya. What a pleasure to work on such pretty Canvases

Down time

Makeup on DJ A trak. Very sweet down to earth guy.

Scene break...and me in action!
Making up her whole body of small imperfections.
I used a highlighter to make her skin glow.

Thank you Donnis! Enjoy! Oh yeah and I'm in the video ... weird lol

Ludacris 2010 album

Makeup Props! Enjoy my kit!
Photographer : Chad Griffith

Awesome Studio in fashion avenue.

It was a very relaxing work night in manhattan. Took a few flicks from the window. Tanaya and i getting in some chill time on the balcony.