Aug 18, 2010

Coney Island Mermaid Video

Awesome Linen sheet hanging in the green room. (Backstage @ the Freak Show)

A very cool Band called "Barefoot walking" called me to do the Makeup/Styling for their first music video "Mermaid day Parade". Pretty Fresh. I got to spend the day on the beach doing what i love, working with some cool and funny personalities.

I had just arrived to meet everyone on the board walk at 8am on a saturday. All i kept thinking is how packed i knew the beach was going to get and it did. funny thing someone named Surgeo (lifeguard) came up to me and said we had gone to Jr. High school together!

The Mermaids learning there dance moves.

Yay my sandy makeup. I had so much fun taking the sand out of my makeup and brushes

Breakfast by the ocean. Beautiful.
It was my first time doing mermaid themes so i was psyched!

Barefoot Walking
Day 2.
Freak Show Stage greenroom!!!

Aug 2, 2010

Face Painting!

Just of lately Ive been working on many project, one being Face painting. I'm in the proccess of teaching myself. Also gives me a good reason of putting my new Krylon water color palettes to good use!
Being that I'm a complete newb' here is my first attempt.

Lion rrraarr

Me sitting on my floor painting floral patters on my arms :-D I Love flowers!

Joey the clown! On an early sunday morning before work, i met joey in Union Sq Park to do clown makeup on him before he went to a parade!

Im feeling this song pretty hard