Sep 4, 2010

MUD? on to the Next.

Today i decided was the day i finally get all my makeup info (Portfolio, Business card, resume, call sheets etc.) together to get my 40% off makeup artist card at Makeup Forever. 12th street and 5th ave. What a whole in the wall!

I also applied for a position :-D. Their were none open at the moment but i still left all my info. Which reminds me, UPDATE PORTFOLIO!!!

I desperatly needed a change of foundation. My favorites right now are Mac's "Select spf 15 (Natural finish), Makeup forever's "HD" and what I'm trying out now is Makeup forever "Matt Velvet". So far so good. It leaves a pretty finish and blended so well into my skin i was amazing.

To go along with that i bought Makeup Forever's "HD Setting Powder". This stuff has my face feeling smooth and sleek!

So i was definitely a happy customer when my total didn't go over &100 for my two item's (like my normal personal makeup bare necessities are).

Now that i have the card i will surely make them my primary makeup kit suppliers. Makeup Disinory just isn't cutting it anymore.