Oct 7, 2014

Affordable Eye Shadow Palettes

Im totally obsessed with these shades of colors. Im always looking for beautiful neautral matte eye shadows that are affordable and has smooth bold pigment in them. 


You can always find me browsing the elf store on Astor place in NYC because the makeup is awesome! In my opinion,  about 80% of the makeup at elf is worth a repurchase and can stand up against some of the big brands of makeup. Elf's Flawless Eyeshadow palette in "Beautiful Browns" is so perfect for blending out colors or just wearing an all natural makeup look. It is now a staple in my everyday look and in my professional beauty makeup kit.

The picture above shows an eye shadow look using only the LA Color Palette. 

"Beautiful Browns" by elf
"Neautral palette" by LA Colors

Oct 6, 2014

The Beautiful Skull

Id like to impose some of my insecurities on you for just a sec... if i can have your attention.
As a person studying Makeup art the way i have in the last decade, I have come to the conclusion that i have to learn how to draw. I see some amazing Makeup charts created online from makeup artist all the time and admire them with passion. Their are some really talented people out there that give me so much inspiration. All of these years i tried to do that but realized now i have to know the fundamentals of drawing. You know, creating 3d situations on the paper. Ill tell you that I'm not far from stick figures. visualizing a 3d object on a blank sheet is a very distorted and confusing thing for me.
Ive decided to start with the human skull. Since this is something i work with in real life everyday, this will help me understand contouring and shading on another level. Its more than just apply that color here and that color there. No, its much more. Ive fallen in love with the idea that one day i will be able to create people on paper and over that persons face i can convey a beautiful message of makeup to show or even have in my portfolio. it will be a new way of showing someone what i can do with fewer words.

Although i will not show any sketch that I'm not proud of yet, here are a few that I am on my usual canvas...

Me with my Beautiful daughter Hunter.  

Day of the Dead

Your local Halloween Skeleton Decoration

 For the people that know me for sure know that i am a big fan of the rose. So I gave it a try!

Oct 5, 2014

Bridal Fun & Sharp Edgy Makeup

My favorite  holiday is finally here! The time where i get to play with my makeup in ways I wouldn't normally. I get to beat peoples faces bloody without hurting harming anyone, create characters that only exist in my mind while imagining a world scary or fanciful world with the rhythms of alternative rock and metal. So far I have done a few new things I would love to share with everyone...

 This is my Beautiful Aunt Wendy who let me do her Makeup Bridal Style. Within the past year I have done a few weddings but never received the professional pictures from. She was nice enough to let me play up her features in more than just a natural look but none the less Beautiful enhancing features kind of way.

Before & After


What i wanted to show in the picture above was technique. I believe technique is very important to have as a makeup artists, Lately Ive decided to have a few staple makeup looks in my brain to wip  out on anyone that will be beautiful no matter what. Its a way for me to relieve some of the pressures of an intense gig or to give the client an everyday look that will always work. Here is an edgy fun crispy pretty look that enhances all of my features!