Nov 7, 2010

Daily face!

First things first. I take my skin very very seriously. I mean whats a painting on a bad canvas? Terrible! So i have fun with my favorite smells and textures.

First thing in the morning and right before Bed!

1) I wet my face with warm water
2) Wash my face with Dr. Bronner's magic soap in Rose or Peppermint!

3) I Pat my face with a towel ( do not rub or scrub)
4) Take a small amount of Burt"s Bees Carrot day cream and massage all over the face and neck

5)Then apply makeup or go through the day with beautiful healthy glowing skin!

**** Giving your face a mini vacation from makeup is a must! Most woman wear makeup everyday and don't give their skin a chance to breath the fresh air. Keep in mind your makeup looks best when your skin is radiant!

**** NEVER NEVER EVER EVER go to sleep with your makeup on. Your skin reconstructs itself during your sleep and makeup would just clog your pores and create space for Bacteria yay!!! lol Nuts huh? Wash your face every morning and night and drink lots of water. You shall see the results for yourself after a week!