Aug 17, 2011

Counteracting a Body Scrub

As long as anyone has known me, I mean before makeup ever existed in my world, there was exfoliating. I love exfoliating my skin so much because i understood from a young age, just how important it was.
Understanding the skin could be complicating, so ill shorten it for you...

Exfoliate for...
A healthy glow!
A smooth feeling!
A fresh start!

Basically your skin goes through a "turning" processed about once every week. What that means is, as your dead skin cells begin to shed (Yes shed, gross!!) The new alive skin wants to shine through. But can that happen when the old dead skin cells are still laying there? Nope!
Ill tell ya', your soap is not the right man for this job. YOU NEED A SCRUB!

There are countless scrubs you can buy. Some that work, some that don't. Actually, the cheaper once have ingredients in them that you don't want near your skin because it will just dry you out due to harsh ingredients that should not be on skin in general. ME, I like to make my own to be as safe as possible. You know, customize it to my liking.

Well...Here's how i do it:

~I use a Sea salt base
~Raw virgin Coconut oil to moisturize my skin while the salt is cleaning and buffing
~ Essential oils for there individual purposes like smells and what they can help according to my skins needs
~Beeswax or Shea butter for a thicker and extra moisturizing feeling afterwards (For dryer skin types)
~Olive oil! I love to throw this in just for its amazing cleansing and antiseptic purposes.

***The reason why i use so many oils is because SALT can be very drying to the skin.
I believe that if you do something that is not the best for you, but you refuse to stop for your own pleasures, habits or whatever reasons, at least counteract it! Do your best to maintain health in all aspects of life like Smoking, drinking, eating, etc... There are small steps that everyone can take, for instance, if you are a heavy smoker: try to work out; be active; drink tea's that help the lungs, take supplements that bring oxygen to your blood!
REVIVE YOURSELF FOR GOODNESS SAKE!!!!!! I think its mentally healthy to at least try!

Not everyone has the same skin type so don't use what everyone else is using. Try things that work best for you. Even if you have to make it yourself! Its easy! Most of everything you need is already in your kitchen.

Beeswax and butters are heavier for dryer skin types
light oils like jojoba or coconut are great for normal skin types.

If you use a scrub that leaves you dry, use a moisturizer according to your skin. If something doesn't work, try something else!
Don't be afraid to mix it all up!

I'd love to hear from guys! Questions, Comments whatever!!!