Aug 15, 2011

Amazing way to keep your curls from drying out!

Ive learned alot from when I last made a curly hair tutorial so i hope this is a better ways to get you on a healthy path to beautiful curls too!

I wash my hair about once a week now because a curly hair specialist told me my hair was drying out because i washed it too much. I listened and so far it looks like I'v made some good progress by staying consistant. So, i would like to share some of the new things i picked up about curly hair care and some of the new and natural products I found...

Theraneem Conditions

I Love this product so much. I have used it for such a short time and have seen great progression in my hair and skin.
The conditioner i have, makes my hair smell great, leaves it light weight and smelling like coconuts! After the shower i like to run a little bit of conditioner through my hair to give it some extra body. You should try it too! I swear by it!

Virgin Coconut Oil

I have been using Virgin Coconut oil for my hair, skin and health for a few years now. Sometimes i cant always afford to buy it, but i try my best to be consistent for best results.

~I run it through the ends of my hair after a nice steamy shower
~I ingest about two teaspoons of coconut oil (once in morning and once in the night before bed for positive fat. Its very important that people know most of the change starts from within, from the things we eat consistently.
~ I mix some in with my Shea butter for a smoother more lotion feel for twice the benefits of moisture and nutrients.
~ I really love to cook with it! Coconut oil is one of the best and safest oils to use in cooking. Also a great ways to incorporated it into your diet (especially is you have a hard time eating in a raw oil form).

***Best way to find a great Coconut oil:
Look for labels that say things like, RAW, UNREFINED, ORGANIC and COLD PRESSED for the most clean and close to natural and pure as possible!

Most of what i know is based off of experience with my own hair. I try alot of natural ways of see what works for my big curly hair that works for me.
These two things together really give my hair a light weight clean feeling for most of the week before i wash it!

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